We drove down to Fairhaven, where we parked, at the top end of Chuckanut, then began our cycle down along one of the most beautiful winding coastal roads in the US. We were definitely cursing the fact we’d forgotten the camera, as the views were breathtaking … and I mean that in a very un-Seinfeld-like way. Along the way we passed by two seafood restaurants we’d definitely like to come back to at a later date.

Chuckanut Drive is a gorgeous road that winds between the Chuckanut Mountain Range and the shores of Samish Bay, south from the city of Bellingham to the Skagit Valley. Along the way riders enjoy spectacular views of the islands and inland waters off the northwest Washington coast. At one time Chuckanut Drive was the main road south of Bellingham. It is now a scenic highway, popular with tourists, car-commercial photographers, and, of course, bicyclists. Terrain: hilly and windy roads, especially along Chuckanut Drive.

Just a bit after the coast road comes out onto the flat farmlands, we turned left onto Colony Road, following it up and around in a semi circle going back up north again, connecting with Lake Samish Road. We decided on following the lake around on the west side, away from the Interstate and discovered a beautiful, sleepy, little lakeside community I’d sped by a thousand times on I5 but never actually been in.

After the lake comes a series of climbs up, back and forth under the Interstate. Going north, the hill is steeper but shorter. If we’d gone south, we’d have had a very long, but much less steep climb. I think I prefer how we did it as we got a great long winding roll down the other side and back to our car. At 28 miles (45km) we both felt like we could have gone much further. Next time we definitely will.