Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who only dream at night. - Edgar Allan Poe

Day: October 5, 2013

Left all by ourselves in the vineyard

I had some work frustrations the night before, and had to finish up in the morning. Thankfully, what I had been pulling my hair out over when I was tired and frustrated, was a simple fix, when I looked at it with fresh eyes. Harold ran down to the casino to get us some coffee, […]

What’s that scent you’re wearing? Eau de ashtray!

We were finished with work and all ready to go right on time, but at the last minute, we realized our hitch had loosened up. The casino has a guy on site who caters to the RVs and truckers needs for tires and other issues. Harold went up to see him yesterday about a tire […]

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