Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who only dream at night. - Edgar Allan Poe

Chariot in the mud flats

We turned everything upside down this morning and can’t find the camera anywhere. We still have Harold’s Dslr but this little one was such a nice little camera. Shockproof, freezeproof, and waterproof, it’s our go to camera for all our sports, cycling, swimming, snowshoeing, kayaking, etc.

It’s gone, and we can’t figure out where it was lost. We looked at the cameras at Walmart, and bought a cheap little replacement, and if it doesn’t turn up,  we’ll have to look into a better one when we get home.


We were out of the vineyard before it opened. It was supposed to be a short day, an estimated 1:45 drive, but with grocery shopping and expanding traffic as we get closer to San Francisco, we didn’t get to the RV park until the afternoon.

This is our first time in a place where we can hook up, but it’s all rather simplistic. Black hose in the drain, white hose to the water, plug to the outlet, cable in the appropriate slot.

The RV park is pretty basic. Our site is no more than a parking space with hookups. Up near the entrance, there is a laundromat, tiny little pool, and showers. I don’t think we’re going to use any of it, but it is a nice experience to be hooked up, and not worrying about water levels, and electricity levels, black water and grey water, and blowing the generator with my blowdryer.


We back onto a tidal area, on the north side of San Francisco Bay. When the tide is out, it leaves a reedy, grassy, muddy area full of birds, and that not so pleasant smell you get in all tidal mud flats.

We found a Trader Joe’s just down the road from us. It is smaller than our Bellingham store, and the patrons were grumpier, the coffee section was miniscule, but they had one thing that made up for it all — a huge allotment of an old favorite wine of our’s, Chariot Gypsy!

Chariot is a $4.99 red blend we haven’t had in years. We used to buy it by the caseload, when we lived in Birch Bay and could stockpile it. We looked forward to tasting it again, and finding out if it was as we’d remembered. To be on the safe side, we bought only one bottle. It turned out to be enjoyable, but not as wonderful as we remembered. But it’s $4.99! In Canada, you can’t even buy rotgut for that price.

BevMo, our new favorite liquor and more store, is just as awesome here in Greenbrae, Ca, as it is in Bellingham, Wa. It can feel somewhat overwhelming though, with so many options. We bought two bottles of our favorite Earthquake Petite Syrah, a brick of dill havarti, and got out while we could.



Left all by ourselves in the vineyard


Cycling San Francisco


  1. After your wonderful experience at the winery, it's hard to love a gravel parking lot, isn't it!

  2. It definitely is!

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