We really enjoyed ourselves the last time through Reno, so we were looking forward to being here again. We arrived a few days ahead of schedule, since we’d cut out Death Valley (the temperatures were over 100F) and zoomed past some of the overnight spots along the way. Tonopah was a particularly bitter-sweet pass-by, with all the lovely memories we have there.

Driving into Reno, the skies were a bright blue, unblemished with even one cloud, but the sky to the southwest was covered in smoke. I did a search online to find there were 100 acres of forest on fire up at the Mt. Rose Rec Area. We had been talking about maybe heading over to Lake Tahoe for the weekend but wondered if this might be a problem – a wonder that was quickly diffused by an online friend who lives in Reno.

We pulled into the parking lot of Baldini’s, where we found about ten other RVs already parked, so we pulled ourselves up at the very back. Security told us we could stay two nights, but if we wanted to stay longer, they’d have to check our player’s card points. I’m pretty sure we would have been fine with our usual level of play, but all of a sudden, during yet another winning playing session, I completely lost interest. I was just sitting there hitting the buttons. After a week and a half of gambling in Laughlin and Vegas, I just can’t bring myself to do it any more. It’s boring.

The weather has changed from super hot in Vegas, to really nice all the way through Nevada, to very moderate in Reno our first day … to rain and cold. My feet and fingers are cold while I type unless we have the heat on, we need our comforter back on the bed, and it’s no fun to walk out anywhere.

Last night we forced ourselves to go down town and when we got there I couldn’t find any enthusiasm for it. I found myself again sitting at a machine, looking up at a pamphlet “When the fun is over.” it said. I knew it wasn’t really speaking to me.  I don’t have a gambling problem. I’m bored. We spent time going through the casinos we’ve enjoyed in the past, then went for a drive around the town, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. It’s not Reno’s fault. It’s me – us – but me mostly. Harold is a good sport who goes along with me for the most part.

We changed our minds about staying in Reno, and also about going up to Lake Tahoe, and planned out a drive along the coast over the next two weeks, but then I started to think “Why?” Why spend the money, and the time, when we really don’t want to? What if we just went home? Home, where it’s warm, and comfy, and we have unlimited Internet and a big tv, and a big yard and deck in need of some Spring flowers. Where I have a Mother and daughter who are missing me. Home sounds so good to us.

We realized, in discussing it, that we were growing excited about getting home so why prolong things? It’s been a wonderful, amazing trip, but when you start wishing you were home, you know it’s time for it to be over.