We relocated up the valley to a small camp-ground in Peachland, overlooking the lake, with a road that winds down into an suburban area of condos, homes, restaurants, pubs, and a great coffee place. It reminds us both of Birch Bay, with the waterfront road and small town-suburban feel.


Our site was right at the front, but it was a little tight and took some maneuvering to get us in. Harold is getting very good at responding to my hand gestures and it’s only when we are very tired that one of us gets grumpy or throws our hands up in frustration.

I particularly hate it when people are watching. It tends to make us self-conscious and more likely to make an error. This time we went in perfectly, even though the guy who ran the site was also trying to give directions – another of our pet peeves.


We spent the early afternoon relaxing at the lake, and then drove up to Kelowna. There used to be a great campground in West Kelowna in an orchard along the waterfront. The land prices have gone up exponentially up here, so the land was redeveloped into waterfront condos. It’s not at all a surprise that it’s no longer there, yet still a disappointment.

The casino had been beckoning to us since hitting Osoyoos with ads promising free slot play, so after we’d explored the down-town area, we headed over there.

It was rather small and not very exciting looking, to be honest. We’re used to the glitz and big show of the Native casinos in the US and the locals casinos in Coquitlam and Richmond. This one doesn’t compare at all. It’s like one of the tiny, out of the way casinos that you have to drive over mountain passes to get to.


We quickly went through our $10 free slot play in the Video Poker machines and decided it wasn’t worth putting any of our own money in. Instead we climbed down the stairs to the hotel and meandered about until we found our way out onto the waterfront. It is quite pretty out there, and I can imagine it gets very busy in the summer.The waterfront bars and bistros were busy enough to make it look fun, but still easy enough to get a table. None of them called to us, so we went grocery shopping instead and headed back to have dinner in the light of the setting sun out on the beach.

Overnight spot: Todd’s RV & Camping
Price: $30-67 Tent sites or RV sites, can take big rigs
Includes: 15, 30 & 50 amps, Cable TV and wifi
Dump/Water: Ye
Garbage: On-site
Cell & Wifi: Wifi was typical campground wifi. We were able to get a good Bell connection.