steamworks7Steamworks is not much to look at from the outside. It’s a plain brown brick building with the brewery and offices taking one end, and the tap room in a scalene triangle shaped room at the other. At the head of the triangle is the entry, containing a very old wood panelled car, and then the room opens up into an inviting Pacific NW industrial style with lots of wood, brick, concrete and metal.

Their samplers usually come with 3 tasters each. They usually serve snacks in the tap room, but their order didn’t come in, so they were giving an extra sample for $1, which of course we couldn’t resist.


Here’s what we tried:

Kolsch – good flavor, not too hoppy, not too light. This is now my favourite beer from Steamworks, beating out the Jasmine IPA below.

Pilsner – good flavour, more hoppy than the Kolsch

Pale Ale – started light but really nice finish

Cucumber Ale – interesting but not to our liking. We’ve had this before, and didn’t like it, but figured we’d give it another try. It’s an interesting idea that doesn’t work for us.


Jasmine IPA – I first tried this ale at Luke’s Corner Bar on South Granville in Vancouver. I had a hard time finding it on it’s own in liquor stores, but did find it in a summer sampler pack. This ale is the reason we came here today.

White angel IPA – Lots of hops and flavour. Surprising amount of taste for a white.

Frambozen – I always think I should like fruit ales, but rarely do. There have only been one or two that agreed with my palette. When we arrived, the person ahead of us getting a growler refill selected this one. I had high expectations but we both found this way too sour.

Berry white – mix of Frambozen and white angel IPA. The white IPA made the Frambozen better but not enough to have us buy it.

Steamworks Brewery
Location: 3845 William Street, Burnaby, BC Canada V5C 3J1
 (604) 620-7250 ext 107
7 days a week 12-10pm