The Schweinhaus is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary. This isn’t the sort of place you have a tasting flight. Everybody was drinking 1 litre mugs. Harold and I probably looked cute with our 0.3 litre glasses, Veltins Pilsner on the left and Everybody’s Logger Lager on the right – both great beers.


I belatedly realized Schwein is German for pork. Every food item here is pork, grilled over an open flame behind us. I find it interesting that I can no longer tolerate the smell of pork. Bacon and sausage are no longer appealing to me. I smell them and without even equating them to a dead pig, my mind is repulsed. I’d think this is perhaps my mind pushing away those items I no longer support, but I don’t have the same response to barbecued beef, in all it’s many formats.