We had a wonderful cycle along the river walk this morning. Miles and miles of gorgeous countryside connecting the Alamo to four missions. Definitely the best way to see them. The trail along the river is ten miles each way, with offshoots of just under a mile to most of the missions, it makes for a good days worth of cycling and touring.

Our RV park, Traveler’s World RV Park, is in a perfect location, about 4 miles from downtown, on a direct bus route, and right next to the bike path. We cycled up to the end of the trail, visiting Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada. With offshoots to each of the missions, our total miles for the trip was about 13-14 miles. We had fully intended to come back for a break, and then cycle to town. However, due to a late start, and plans, we opted to put the rest off for another day. Instead we met a friend (Cori from TheRestlessYoungs) for lunch and drinks in the beautiful outdoor gardens at El Mirador.