Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who only dream at night. - Edgar Allan Poe

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Burning Man 2015 – Where do we start?

When they took our tickets on the way in, they gave us a book and a map. The book is our guide to Burning Man. It details all the events going on (well, all those that made it into the book. We’ll find many others during the week that never made it in) on a […]

Quartzsite at the right time of the year

Quartzsite is a tiny little town in western Arizona 20 miles east of the Colorado river, the stateline to California. The first time we came through, last April, the place was deserted. It was out of season and unseasonably scorching hot. The time to come here is January when the RV show is on and […] – Great for RVers, tough on the OCD

I have a somewhat obsessive personality and I’m a life-long gamer who loves a challenge. On the first day at, I noticed that I needed friends in order to see anything on the Home page, so I decided to start friending some people. At first I was taking my time, reading profiles, and then […]

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