Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who only dream at night. - Edgar Allan Poe

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Who knew buying a fitness watch could bring so much trouble?

I have been looking for a while at the Samsung watches, but haven’t been able to settle on which one I want. I like the look of the Samsung Gear Fit, but I get swayed by all that the more expensive Samsungs can do – take photos, receive calls, voice interfacing to my phone, text […]

This is the end

Another day of riving took us up the Chehalis, Wa Walmart, where we encountered the cold again, then the next day we drove to Tulalip, Wa. At this point we could have just continued home, but we wanted to check out the casino and do some shopping before heading back across the border. The casino […]

Baldini’s, a cure for the family curse

I figured after a night like we’d just had, we’d never get back to sleep. The plan had been to leave at dawn but we slept in a couple of hours after the sun rose. My parents of course, were ready to leave about the same time we woke up. We had a pretty uneventful […]

From wild paradise to trailer court … but oh … is that a Costco?

We hadn’t disconnected from the trailer so it was a really quick exit from the berry farm, this morning. We were within 20 miles of Santa Cruz, and on the lookout for a Walmart or Safeway. I searched Google maps but couldn’t find a Walmart anywhere nearby, so we were absolutely shocked when we saw […]

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