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Bypassed the Burner’s campground – Eugene, OR to Yreka, CA

The Valley Center Mall in Eugene, OR is a great place to stop and boondock. They allow RVs to stay up to 48 hours in the very back lot, which is right beside the walking/bike paths alongside the river and delta. We took the dogs for a hike and saw all sorts of wildlife. Nutrias, otters, […]

All the way South to Bakersfield

We left home on Friday night, drove to Chehalis in southern Washington, where we bought groceries and stayed overnight at Walmart. My parents had arrived there in the afternoon. They don’t like to drive at night. We often don’t have a choice. Wilson Mobile 4G Cell Booster We’re not exactly on the same trip as […]

Is your fridge running?

“I wonder if the fridge is running? Maybe we need to go catch it too.” Had I seriously just uttered those exact words in jest? Famous last words that came back to bite us less than 24 hours later. Ask me again, that silly old kid’s joke: “Is your fridge running?” and I’ll answer you with […]

Cycling the Pacific Coast

As reported by there are fix it stations, bike racks, covered shelters, and food storage now going into the hiker/biker sites in Oregon State Parks. Reading this article brought back so many wonderful memories of when we cycled down the west coast. One of the best things about cycling the coast is meeting up […]

Stalking the band

Driving from Yreka, CA to the Seven Feathers Casino, in Canyonville, OR, we were passed by an interesting looking bus. By the time I realized that I wanted to know what it was and get a picture of it, it was quite far ahead of us. Due to the traffic, it became a real problem […]

It’s the small wins that count

I bought the Honda generator and a few other doo-dads at Camping World, while Harold worked, and headed back to the trailer. By this time, Harold’s laptop was running out of power. We realized, sitting out on the road, as we were, we couldn’t really start up the generator to charge it back up. First, […]

Boondocking rule no. 1: Dead silent @ 2:30am is not equal to a good sleep at 5:30am

The plan had been to be finished with work, all packed, and ready to go by 3pm, but work issues got in the way, and we ended up leaving at 5:30pm instead. Our first stop was Tulalip, for groceries, and then our tentative place to sleep was the Walmart at Chehalis, Wa, but we really […]

Cycling: Silverton, OR – Petal Pedal Ride

For this weekend, we had to make a choice between going to George, WA for the Rock n Ride, or Silverton, OR, for the Petal Pedal. Both would require a hotel and were towns we’d not been to before, and both were close to wine country. Silverton was about 1.5hrs further, but it was all […]

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